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Rohit (22) lives with his step mother Kavya (35) and his father mostly lived in abroad due to his business and visited them once in a while. One day Rohit's best friend Varun (23) comes to his house and meets his step mother Kavya for the first time. Kavya gets attracted towards Varun and convinces him to keep a relationship with her. Will Rohit know about their reality...? If yes, then what will happen....? Find out in the episode.

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Flowing Water Films Present : Gunah
Episode Title : Friend's Mom - फ्रेंड्स मॉम
Language : Hindi (With English Subtitles)
Featuring: Ujjwal Chopra, Tanu Vidyarthi, Mausam Dubey, Inam Ul Haq.
DOP: Ankush R Gupta
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Harvinder Hari
Editor: Sunny Kapoor
Background Score : Shekhar Sehgal
Accounts: Kapil Kesarwani
Marketing, Media & Publishing: Flowing Water Films
Digital Marketing Team: Pankaj Khurpe, Rahul Singh, Swapnil Mokalkar, Manjusha Shinde, Amol Maind, Ankush Kumar Maurya,Tejash Ganesh Gurav.
Directed By: Krishna Sharma
Produced By: Sanjeev Kumar & Vipin Kumar Chaudhary

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