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Love is the feeling that makes us fully enjoy our loved one and forget about everything in the world. It happened with this nice couple - Claudia Macc and Robert met not so long ago, but their relationship moved so quickly to a new level that they did not have time to look around when they were married. The problem is that in all this love bustle, they scored a bunch of debts and completely forgot that they need to be returned! The total of all debts and the interest amounted to $ 5,000,


I was sitting on a park bench and enjoying a warm sunny day, when suddenly the sound of an incoming message interrupted my thoughts. My boss sent me another business: a young couple owed $ 5,000 and overdue all conceivable terms. The luck was that they lived nearby and I immediately set to work. Approaching that place where they lived, I noticed the bride and groom walking towards me, looking at them, I realized that these are my clients! “Wait guys, you’re the ones I really need to talk to, your love has completely clouded your brains, and you forgot about the $ 5,000 debt.” They were very surprised and didn’t expect someone to spoil their holiday! They invited me home, where they tried to agree on a respite. “Let me make an interesting offer. What if I will bare your bride’s cute ass by removing this snow-white dress from her and stuffing my dick into her sweet pussy?” Her groom was furious! But what could he do?

Debt4k Claudia Macc
Debt4k, Claudia Macc
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