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Our office girl today is Maiko Sargimi. She is great at fixing issues that arise with customers. In fact when there is an issue that needs resolving the boss sends her in to do the formal apology. The boss knows that anyone angry with any screw up will soon forgive their company and continue on in their business relationship. Today she is on her knees again, bowing and apologizing for a new screw up. That does not seem to be enough for this customer though and he wants more. What she has is a lot to give but this is not what he expected. She will change his frown to a smiley face though with her hands and mouth. Leave it to her to be alone in a room with an angry customer to change his mind about suing the company. First she will rub up against the client and get him excited. She goes for his cock right away and rubs him through his pants and protestations. Then she will kiss him while groping his cock and lifting her skirt to rub herself all over him. She unbuttons his shirt and licks his nipples. He is hard so she will continue to rub his cock until she can un fasten his belt and unzip his pants to unleash his hard cock. She takes his cock and slides it in her mouth while looking up at the client in his eyes. She wants him to know that she will allow him to do anything to her if he will but forgive their company for the mistake. By this time the client has given in and all he wants to do is get Maiko naked and grab her tits and suck on them. Maiko is such a cock sucking expert she will have his balls in her mouth as well and bend him over to give his ass a very good cleaning with her mouth. What joy the client experiences while getting his ass licked and cock jerked off by this most excellent of apologists.

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Maiko Sargimi


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New Office Lady

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JAPANHDV Maiko Sargimi
JAPANHDV, Maiko Sargimi
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